The Civil Service Commission regularly meets at 2:00PM the fourth Wednesday of each month in the Conference Room at City Hall 301 E. Clay – Room 104.  Members of the public are invited to attend.


Hello and welcome to the Chewelah Police Department and the


The  CHPD consists of five full-time police officers, an administrative secretary and a police chaplain.  Our current staff is Chief Mark Burrows, Sergeant Ryan Pankey, Officer David Watts, Officer James Glover and Officer Matt Miller.  Our administrative secretary is Deborah Husby and our Chaplain is Dan Cleghorn.  This is a dedicated group with many years of experience. We are proud to serve and protect our community.


Matt Miller
& Rebel

Meet Officer Matt Miller and his K-9 partner, Rebel, who is a Dutch Shepherd. Officer Miller and Rebel are currently going through an extensive training to get certified in both Patrol Work, and Narcotics Detection totaling approximately 600 hours of training. This is Chewelah’s first dual purpose dog.  Rebel is a great asset for both the Police Dept. and  the community. The goal of having Rebel is to deter drug activity, make the community a safer place, and to add additional protection for officers. Rebel is a very social dog but he is unique due to the fact that work is  his main focus — and he takes it  very seriously.   Rebel looks forward to meeting people in the community and is excited to hit the streets!