Ordinances Adopted But Not Yet Codified
TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
Ordinance 862Amend 2014 Budget86207/2014PDF
Ordinance 863Golf Cart Use86307/2014PDF 1504KB
Ordinance 864Repeal CMC Chapter 2.64: Emergency Services Auxiliary Police Force86407/2014PDF
Ordinance 865Repeal CMC Chapter 5.04 Mech. Amusement Devices; Repeal CMC Chapter 5.08 Public Dances; Repeal CMC Chapter 5.12 Secondhand Stores; Repeal CMC Chapter 5.16 Malt Liquor Sales ALL EFFECTIVE 1-1-1586507/2014PDF
Ordinance 866Annexing Stevens County Tax Parcel 258140586607/2014PDF
Ordinance 867Repealing Ordinance #535 and Reaffirming Section 2 of Ordinance 849 regarding Taxiing Airplanes on Richmond Lane between the Airport and Residential Lots86707/2014PDF
Ordinance 868Imposing Ban on Recreational Marijuana Production, Processing and Retailing and Incidental Uses Thereto86807/2014PDF
Ordinance 869Amending CMC Chapter 10.08.010 Regarding Parking Along East side of SR 395, the Distance of Jenne Memorial Park86907/2014PDF
Ordinance 870Amending CMC Chapter 2.52.030 Regarding Powers and Duties of the Airport Governing Board87007/2014PDF
Ordinance 871Amending CMC Chapter 3.32.010 Regarding Travel Expense Revolving Fund87107/2014PDF
TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
Interlocal AgreementAmended and Restated Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with Stevens County Rural Library District12191212/2012PDF 3MB
2014 BudgetDetail for 2014 Budget Amended 4-2-14201412/2013PDF
Meeting Minutes 2014
TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
Regular MinutesJanuary 2, 201401 02 1401/2014PDF 1322KB
Regular MinutesFebruary 5, 201402 05 1402/2014PDF 1136KB
Regular MinutesMarch 5, 201403 05 1404/2014PDF 3MB
Regular MinutesApril 2, 201404 02 1405/2014PDF
Regular MinutesApril 16, 201404 16 1405/2014PDF
Regular MinutesMay 7, 201405 07 1405/2014PDF 2MB
Regular MinutesJune 4, 201406 04 1406/2014PDF 2MB
Draft Regular MinutesJuly 2, 201407 02 1407/2014PDF

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