The first power poles went up in 1917.    Since then the City of Chewelah has been providing electricty to those residences and businesses in Chewelah South.   For many years the city contracted with Washington Water Power to service the citizens.   In 1993, Chewelah contracted with Bonneville Power for their electric energy.   This has turned out to be a great partnership as both entities main focus is serving people as well as encouraging conservation.  

 With an abundance of mountains, rivers and lakes, the natural scenic beauty of the area continues to spur development in and around the the tri-county region and boasting some of the lowest electric rates in the nation we are proud to be instrumental in supporting that growth. So whether you are an existing resident or an individual, family or business looking for a place to relocate, we would like to take this opportunity to "welcome" you to Chewelah.  

If you would  like to see a schedule of the current utility rates, click here. 



Don't forget our convenient drop box located in the parking lot in front of City Hall!!! You don't even have to get out of your car. Payments can be dropped off after hours or on weekends.

City Hall is open 8:00AM until 4:30PM.