Meeting Agendas 2014
TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
April 10, 2014Regular Meeting: Public Hearing on a Conditional Use Permit to install an additional 30 feet of triangular ham radio tower to an existing 45 foot radio tower - File No. CUP-01-201404 10 1404/2014PDF
Building Permit Forms
TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
Building PermitComplete this form and submit for Building ProjectsBldg00107/2009PDF
Utility Service PermitApplication for city utility service. BP0210/2010PDF
Mechanical PermitPermit for items such as appliances, gas appliances, furnaces, woodstoves, etc. BP0310/2010PDF
Plumbing PermitPermit to address all your plumbing issues. BP0410/2010PDF
Street ObstructionPermit that is required whenever your project will obstruct the street. BP0510/2010PDF
Land Use Development Forms
TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
Land Use ApplicationApplication for all Land Use projects including short plat, long plat, lot line adjustment, site plan reviews, rezones, binding site plans, vacations, variance and conditional uses. PL 00103/2009PDF
City Plans
TitleDescriptionForm NumberRevised DateDownloadable Format
Comprehensive Plan Adopted 3-5-14Update to 2008 Comprehensive Plan Adopted 3/5/1403 05 1403/2014PDF 3MB
Shoreline Master ProgramAdopted February, 2009. PL 00203/2009PDF 1634KB
Comprehensive PlanUpdate to 2008 Comprehensive Plan PL00303/2009PDF 1867KB

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